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What make Hochelaga a traditional summer program?

Arts & Crafts
Nature activities
Games from around the world
Swimming………those are just a few!!

Our counselors, some from different parts of the world,  work very hard to provide fun and different activities for every girls during their time at camp. We encourage our counselors to share their talents and passions to expose our campers to new and exciting things!

Skill based classes are offered base on the talents and skills of our staff. Some requirements are necessary to ensure we adhere to ACA guidelines. Not every class is offered every session.

YWCA Camp Hochelaga is Good for Girls!

A summer a camp can do much more for girls than one might realize. Camp Hochelaga engages girls in outdoor physical activities, provides healthy meals, and is supervised by caring adults. Current research on youth development and girls’ unique needs supports YWCA Camp Hochelaga’s  programs.

According to the American Camp Association, youth who attend camp report significant personal growth across several areas of development:

  1. Increased self-esteem
  2. Greater independence
  3. Ready to take on leadership roles
  4. Improved friendship skills
  5. More adventurous and eager to explore
  6. Deeper environmental awareness

It makes sense. A camp experience is not a two-hour workshop; it is a multi-day experience that affects girls’ physical, social, and emotional well-being. YWCA Camp Hochelaga emphasizes goals for girls’ positive growth, including:

  • Promoting positive peer relationships
  • Emphasizing girls’ strengths
  • Providing opportunities to learn and practice healthy behaviors
  • Empowering girls to assume leadership roles in incremental steps
  • Challenging girls in ways that build competence and skills while emphasizing fun.

Core Programs offered at Camp Hochelaga

  • Residential Camp: For girls ages 6-17, Camp Hochelaga offers five one-week residential sessions and one two-week session each summer
  • Day Camp: We offer eight one-week day camp sessions, concurrent with our residential camp sessions.
  • Mini Camp: For girls ages 6-17 (entering grades 1-12 in the fall), Camp Hochelaga offers three “mini camp” sessions. Mini Camp is a shorter residential camp experience that runs from Sunday – Wednesday. It’s perfect for girls who are already juggling a busy summer schedules – and for girls who want to try out residential camp to see if they like it.
  • Leadership Counselor-in-Training Camp: For girls ages 16+ (entering grades 11 or 12 in the fall), Camp Hochelaga offers a three-week Counselor-In-Training program that will prepare them for camp staff positions and other future jobs.

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