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About Camp Hochelaga

Empowering Girls & Women Since 1919

About Camp Hochelaga

Located on the beautiful shores of Lake Champlain in South Hero, VT, Camp Hochelaga has been offering traditional summer camp experiences for girls ages 6-17 since 1919. For more than 100 summers, 600-800 girls from all over Vermont, the United States and the world pass through camp's front gate and enter a place of adventure, self-expression, teamwork and life-long friendship.

Camp Hochelaga is an American Camp Association accredited camp and provides overnight, day camp, and leadership development programs that offer opportunities to explore a wide range of activities intended to build character, self-esteem, self-confidence, empowerment and leadership. Camp Hochelaga prioritizes social, emotional and physical safety, to create a magical place where camp traditions, fun, outdoor adventures, engaged staff mentors, and friendships combine to create unforgettable experiences. At 'Laga, our core values of collaboration, kindness, leadership, and empowerment live at the center of all that we do.

Why Camp is Important

All summer long we hear campers talk about why they love camp so much, but it is hard to quantify what our campers get out of their experience at Hochelaga. In 2019 we worked to capture our campers’ experience in their own words and found an overwhelming amount of evidence of skill development and social emotional development across all ages. At camp, kids will:

Adventure  Teamwork  Leadership  Friendship

Camper Testimonials

“Hochelaga is special to me because everyone inspires me somehow and the counselors are role models for all of us. It’s a second family and there is nothing else like it anywhere.” - Residential Camper

"I love coming back to 'Laga because camp friends are friends like no other. By the end of the first day, you basically are best friends and by the end of the first week, you are pretty much sisters. I love all my 'Laga sisters!" - Residential Camper

"Hochelaga is special because each time I come I meet new people, learn new things, and by the time I'm home, I'm campsick. Everything is exciting because Hochelaga has helped me become open to more new things. My cabin is my bedroom, and Hochelaga is my family! Everyone is kind and caring and the songs warm my heart." - Residential Camper

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From the Executive Director

Why is the Camp Hochelaga experience one of magic and empowerment for more than 600 campers each summer since 1919? At Camp Hochelaga we combine an inspiring outdoor, screen-free environment with dedicated, well-trained, enthusiastic camp counselors, programs that support campers in trying new things and building new skills, and a set of core values focused on growing diverse friendships in a socially, emotionally, and physically safe place.

Each season, we see the evidence of camp’s irreplaceable impact in the smiles spread across campers’ faces as they overcome challenges. We see it in the confidence campers encourage in one another, and in the value they place in traditions and ceremonies that have been carried on for decades. And we see it in the connections campers build with one another that remain strong support systems far beyond camp’s front gate.

From Day Camp to Residential Camp, wilderness adventure trips to our CIT leadership program, Camp Hochelaga is intentionally designed to grow with your camper and support them as they strengthen their voice, grow their confidence, and discover their interests. We can’t wait for your camper to be part of the ’Laga community on beautiful Lake Champlain.


Deb Jorschick, Executive Director