Camp Hochelaga Facilities


Hochelaga Campers on cabin bunkCabins

There are 14 rustic, non-electric cabins that house up to eight girls in the same age group. Built-in bunk beds have shelves to store personal belongings, and space to play games with cabin mates. Each cabin line has a nearby bathhouse with hot showers ready. Counselors live in platform tents mingled among the cabins. inside lodge



Weld Lodge Dining Hall 

Singing can be heard at every meal in the dining hall at Weld Lodge. Girls enjoy the great camaraderie and the great food, prepared by our own staff chef. Weld Hall is also home to the camp library where campers can relax with books, games, and hand-out space. Girls also explore Hochelaga’s remarkable history by looking through past issues of “LOGS,” the camp yearbook created by senior campers, and “The Scamp,” Hochelaga’s camper-produced newsletter. 




The low brown building at the top of the hill known as “the Peter Pan at Camp HochelagaWig” is the perfect place for drama. Each session campers and staff create programs and evening entertainment, including the Senior Musical. These fabulous productions have included “Peter Pan,” “The Music Man,” “The Sound of Music,” and “Annie.” Puppet shows, dance classes and many other activities take place in the Wig also.

It’s amazing to see how camp has changed over the decades!





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