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YWCA Vermont Camp Hochelaga welcomes financial donations via many avenues. Please note that a gift made by mail, phone or in person at our office avoids the convenience fee charged to contributions made online by credit card.

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Help Camp Replace the Tennis Courts!

Camp Hochelaga's clay courts are in desperate need of replacement. Help us raise the funds needed to complete this project before summer 2020!

Imagine the Passion We Could Inspire!

If we can meet our goal for funds needed to replace camp's tennis courts with an asphalt multi-use court like the one pictured here and a new sand volleyball court, we will be able to grow programs that support campers in feeling strong, confident, and healthy.



Camp's Tennis Courts are in desperate need of replacement. In their current state, they are no longer safe for campers and staff to play on. Help us raise the $66,700 needed to put in a long lasting asphalt sport court as soon as possible.

Camp Hochelaga will break ground on this much needed improvement as soon as funds have been raised. 

Tennis and other sport courts have been a strong part of Camp Hochelaga programming since camp started in 1919. We need your help to keep this programming alive and thriving for our campers. Having positive experiences playing sports at camp can instill life-long passions for athleticism in girls that will support them in living healthy lives and developing healthy habits for years to come.

Help Us Reach $66,700! We've Raised
Sport Court Project Details & Phases

Scope of Work Phase 1 

Excavation and area prep $27,000.00 includes:

  • excavation of all clay
  • installation of landscaping fabric gravel
  • laser grading for full area including sand volleyball court: 106’ x 120’
  • pour sand for volleyball court (tarped for protection during winter season)

Pouring of 3” asphalt and installation of posts $25,805

Project Summary

Based on input from area court installation experts and fellow summer camp leaders associated with the Vermont Camp Assocation, Camp Hochelaga strives to replace the existing clay courts with one full-size asphalt sport court lined for tennis, basketball, and pickleball, and a full size sand volleyball court. This new combination of sport court surfaces, lines, and nets will support a wide array of games and sports appropriate to campers of all ages and skill levels. From pick up tennis matches to beach volleyball tournaments, Camp Hochelaga’s new sport court area will help campers try new things, build skills and strength, and grow their self-confidence and teamwork skills. The installation of a full-size asphalt court surface will ensure that camp can continue to offer high quality sports programs in a safe, inspiring environment. In addition to safety, this new camp infrastructure will inspire campers and staff alike to find passion in athletics and physical activity. Asphalt courts are straightforward to maintain and will need very little annual funding to keep in good repair.

Tennis Courts – Current State

Camp Hochelaga currently has two clay tennis courts. In the interest of diversifying sports programming offered at camp, from 2017 to present one court has been lined for tennis and one for basketball. As visible in the photos of the current courts on the following page, the full clay area is in urgent need of replacement. The successful maintenance of clay courts in Vermont’s climate requires daily watering and rolling, as well as annual resurfacing. The combined costs of hiring staff with the knowledge to maintain the courts and completing an annual start of season resurfacing by a third party company has been beyond camp’s reach for a number of consecutive seasons. Because camp has not been able to afford the annual maintenance expenses of the courts, even with the diligent efforts of dedicated volunteers, the courts have fallen into disrepair. Due to safety concerns following camper play on the courts during the 2019 season, without court replacement Camp Hochelaga will not be able to offer court sports for the 2020 season.

Scope of Work Phase 2 

Laying of surface play material and lining $13,895.00 includes:

  • coating court with play surface in colors of camp’s choosing
  • court painting - lines for all sports on court (basketball, pickleball, tennis)
  • installation of nets and hoops

Total cost start to finish: $66,700.00

Break Ground

$66,700.00 - Start to finish cost to replace Camp Hochelaga's tennis courts with a multi-use sport court.

$20,000.00 - Help us put a new sturdy metal roof on the Wig.

$2,000.00 - Puts a sturdy new metal roof on a camp cabin. Our generous donors have funded the replacement of 6 roofs to date. We have 8 more to go!

Grow Our Programs

$4,000.00 - Buys one new sailboat to help us grow our sailing program.

$1,000.00 - Supports us in obtaining new scripts for camp musicals and plays.

$500.00 - Brings exciting new supplies and projects to Arts & Crafts programs.

$150.00 - Buys one 4-person tent or hiking pack to help us grow our new overnight adventure trip program.

Support Sustainability

Your annual or monthly contribution of an amount that is comfortable to you as a sustaining mission supporter can help us cover the following:

$5,000.00 - Annual cost for grounds care for our 30 beautiful acres, helping us keep our grass, trees, and natural spaces healthy and well groomed.

$4,000.00 - Covers Camp Hochelaga's electricity costs for the entire season. Keep the lights on at camp!

Contact us to set up your annual or monthly gift and support us in covering our operating costs at camp each season.

Be An Advocate

Advocate for strong girls and women everywhere!

$4,000.00 - Supports YWCA VT in raising community awareness to social justice focused legislative work during YWCA USA's Stand Against Racism and Week Without Violence campaigns.

$3,000.00 - Sends 5 first-time campers to camp who would not be able to attend without financial support.

Leave a Legacy

Contact us to learn more about the impact that your bequest will have on the positive, sustainable future of Camp Hochelaga and YWCA Vermont.


"I love coming back to 'Laga because camp friends are friends like no other. By the end of the first day, you basically are best friends and by the end of the first week, you are pretty much sisters. I love all my 'Laga sisters!" 

"It's like a second home. There are so many activities! When I get home, I will be campsick! I love Camp Hochelaga" 

"Hochelaga is special because each time I come I meet new people, learn new things, and by the time I'm home, I'm campsick. Everything is exciting because Hochelaga has helped me become open to more new things. My cabin is my bedroom, and Hochelaga is my family! Everyone is kind and caring and the songs warm my heart"

"It's a really safe place to be. Everyone here is nice! Lots of bugs though..." 

"I love Hochelaga. It's the place where I know I can be myself"


Replace the Tennis Courts: $66,700 total project cost

Tennis has been a part of Camp Hochelaga tradition for many decades. Campers and staff of all ages have played hard and honed their skills on camp's beloved clay courts. As Camp Hochelaga enters her 101st year, the clay courts are in need of updating. Camp Hochelaga aims to install new courts by the start of the 2020 camp season. Help us replace them with long-lasting, versatile, low-maintenance sport courts that will promote the love of tennis, as well as other court sports!

Put a New Roof on a Cabin: $2,000 per roof - ONLY 6 LEFT TO GO!

With the support of generous, dedicated alumnae and donors, Camp Hochelaga has already replaced 8 of our 14 cabin roofs with long-lasting, weather proof metal roofs. Help us meet our goal to replace the remaining 6 cabin roofs!

Add a New Sailboat to the Fleet: $4,000 per boat

Camp Hochelaga's sailing program is growing! We are striving to add 2 Hobie Waves to the fleet for summer 2020.

In addition to the facility needs listed above, Camp Hochelaga is also working to grow supplies in many of our most loved camp programs. For more information on specific program needs or to learn more about current projects at Camp Hochelaga, please contact Hannah Parke, Camp Director at or by phone at (802) 862-7520. Thank you for your commitment to our community!



Join YWCA Vermont & Camp Hochelaga in empowering women and girls to realize a sustainable future by fostering a community of inclusiveness and awareness. Give today.