Programs & Activities

Try New Things, Learn New Skills, Meet New Friends

"The exploritory and block activities are really fun because I get to do things I have never done before"

Hochelaga Camper, Summer 2018

Boating & Watersports

Sailing, paddleboarding, kayaking, canoeing, water trampoline, and endless camp games in the water


The archery range offers campers the opportunity to learn a new skill and hone their focus, attention to detail, and strength through target practice with a bow and arrows. All staff leaders who teach Archery participate in specific training centered on safety as our top priority. 

Farm & Garden

Campers help care for camp's chickens, collect eggs, plant and harvest from the garden, and get creative in camp's kitchen trying new or invented recipes


From Point Swim to free swim, Camp Hochelaga offers endless opportunities to enjoy the water. Our lifeguards are all American Red Cross certified and participate in regular training with our Waterfront Director. 

Camp Hochelaga also offers swimming support and instruction for campers who are less comfortable in the water. Sign up for swimming support when you register for camp online this summer! Swimming Support takes place during one of three daily block activities. 

Field Games & Sports

All-camp capture the flag, human foosball, GaGa ball, tetherball, volleyball, tennis, basketball, soccer, quidditch, and more!

Team Building

Campers work together to take on group challenges across camp

Arts & Crafts

Camp Hochelaga's Arts & Crafts studio offers everything from painting to ceramics, and paper mache to tie dye. Our Arts & Crafts Director always has fun, engaging activities planned. Campers are also welcome to use the space for independent projects if they prefer. 

Performing Arts

Singing, dance, choreography, musicals, play production, set design, costume design, improve, theater games. The possibilities are endless and imaginations fly free in camp's performing arts programs

Outdoor Skills

Build shelters, cook over the camp fire, track wildlife, study invasive species, go geocaching, learn to navigate with a map and compass, go hiking, and explore all that camp's 30 acres of nature has to offer

Camp's Daily Schedule

Camp Hochelaga's Daily Schedule


2:00-4:00pm                      Residential Camper Check-In

4:15pm                                 Line Activities/Block Sign-Up

6:00pm                                 Flag/Dinner

7:00-9:00pm                       Evening Program/Opening Campfire

9:15pm                                 Taps

9:30pm                                 Lights Out

Monday – Friday

7:15am                                 Reveille/Wake-Up Call

7:45am                                 Flag/KP Duty

8:00am                                 Breakfast (Exploratory Sign-Up)                                 Day Camp Arrival

9:00am                                 Block 1 Activity

10:10am                               Morning Exploratory (Waterfront Safety on Mondays)

10:50am                               Block 2 Activity

12:00pm                               KP Duty

12:15pm                               Lunch (Exploratory Sign-Up)

1:15pm                                 ‘Laga Leisure Hour/Store                                              Day Camp Free Swim

2:15pm                                 Block 3 Activity

3:25pm                                 Afternoon Exploratory (All Camp Activity on Mondays)

4:05pm                                 ‘Laga Line Time/Free Swim                                          4:45pm – Day Camp Departure

5:15pm                                 KP Duty

5:30pm                                 Flag/Dinner

7:00-9:00pm                       Evening Program                                                              Thursday: Day Camp Sleepover

9:15pm                                 Taps

9:30pm                                 Lights Out


7:15am                                 Reveille/Wake-Up Call

7:45am                                 Flag/KP Duty

8:00am                                 Breakfast

8:30-9:30am                       Line Time Clean/Pack Up

9:30-11:00am                     Residential Camper Check Out

Blocks & Exploritories: Building New Skills and Trying New Things

During each camp session, Residential Campers and Day Campers participate in two forms of camp programming; Blocks and Exploritories.


Block activities are intentionally designed to give campers the opportunity to develop and hone a skill set or build substantial new skills in a program area while they are at camp. On Sunday evening (Monday morning for Day Campers), campers meet with their counselors in small groups to sign up for 3 block activities from a wide array of options. Each day, Monday-Friday, campers have two of their block activities in the morning and one in the afternoon. Block activities are 70 minutes long, giving campers and counselors an intentionally lengthy time together to get to know one another, build trust, and offer encouragement as campers take on new skills and step outside their comfort zones. Block activities offer opportunities for progressive skill building, meaning that campers build on the skills they learn on Monday when they return to the block on Tuesday.


Exploritory activities take place twice each day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Exploritories are designed to offer campers spontaneity and to encourage their sense of curiosity through a shorter activity period. Campers sign up for exploritory activities at breakfast and lunch each day using Camp Hochelaga's giant magnetic activity board in the lodge. Exploritory options change every day and include everything from GaGa ball, 100-foot slip n' slides, and field games to theater games, tie-dye, western line dancing, English style tea, egg collection with the chickens, paddleboard yoga, campfire cooking, and so much more. Camp Hochelaga's staff team loves creating and leading exploritories that inspire campers to try something new with a friend, have fun, and soak up the outdoor beauty around them.

Evening Programs: Building a Strong Camp Community Through Long-Standing Traditions

Evening Program, held after dinner, is a daily opportunity for everyone at camp to come together for fun, excitement, and community building. Evening Program is different each and every camp evening. Some Evening Programs focus on gathering to have a blast playing a giant all-camp game together, while others center on coming together to appreciate one another and reflect on just how much camp means to us.

A few of Camp Hochelaga's longest-standing Evening Program traditions include Musical Nights, Banquets, and Candlelight Ceremony.

Musicals take place during the second week of each 2-week session. Campers and staff electing to perform in the musical spend time together preparing and rehearsing during their first week at camp, and then camp comes together as a whole to watch the musical during Evening Program the following week and cheer on the performers.

Each summer, campers and staff elect to put on two full-camp, themed banquet events. Past themes have included Alice in Wonderland, a '50s style diner, New York City, and more. Campers and staff work together to design and create decorations, and transform the lodge according to the theme (which is kept secret until the big reveal on banquet night). Banquets take place during sessions RC4 and RC6.

Candlelight Ceremony is the Evening Program tradition that lives at the core of the Hochelaga Spirit. On the final Friday evening of every session, everyone at camp comes together around the campfire. The air is filled with camp songs that have been a part of Camp Hochelaga for nearly 100 summers, and campers and staff have opportunities to share what camp means to them and how it has impacted them over the years.

99 summers traditions & friendships live at the core of the Hochelaga Spirit

On the final evening of every camp session everyone in camp gathers together for Candlelight Ceremony. Campers and staff alike reflect on their time at camp together, share the parts that will stay with them throughout the year, and appreciate the many amazing friends they have made.

"Every year when I go to camp I can see friends that I wouldn't be able to see any other time. Camp to me is like a second home because I know that I am safe and people care. Also at camp I don't have to dress to impress, I can wear whatever and not be judged. I'm constantly having fun and all of the counselors are super amazing and fun!"

Hochelaga Camper, Summer 2017