YWCA VT Camp Hochelaga 2017! 
Fun. Leadership experiences. Team accomplishments.
Friendships for a lifetime.

Camp Hochelaga has been transforming the lives of girls and young women for 98 years. Join us at Camp Hochelaga this summer you’ll be glad you did!
Any registrations after June 16, 2017, must be paid in full at the time of registration.

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2017 Rates and Dates

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If you have questions about Camp Hochelaga or YWCA Vermont call our office at: (802) 862-7520


Scholarship Letter and Application 2017

YWCA Vermont is proud of our scholarship program
“Circle of Girls”.
Last year we raised enough money to send 67 girls to camp on a scholarship.
The benefits of a summer camp experience are well known and are especially suited to girls’ unique needs. Those benefits include:

  • promoting positive peer relationships
  • acquiring leadership skills
  • emphasizing girls’ strengths
  • building confidence and resilience
  • interacting with diverse backgrounds
  • developing empathy
  • strengthening teamwork.

"Thank you for the scholarship for my camper. There is no way she would have been able to attend without it. I picked up a beautiful young lady with such spirit and kindness on Saturday. She has told us many wonderful stories about how much she loved her time at Camp!" - Camp Hochelaga Family

"I just wanted to say that because of [Camp Hochelaga] I had a great time and I met lots of new friends. Everyone was so nice, thank you! See you next summer!" - Camp Hochelaga Scholarship Recipient

Counselor In Training Program

CIT Leadership

Are you ready to be a CIT Laga Leader?
L: Dependable, helpful, takes initiative, positive role model, good communicator, problem solver
A: Curious, involved, independent, challenges self, hard worker, enthusiastic about learning
G: Compassion, empathy, puts others first, supportive, encourages others, includes others
A: Positive outlook, spirited, fair, trustworthy, respectful of self and others, self-confident, motivated, friendly

‘Laga Leaders will:

  • Develop and feel confidence in your leadership and teaching skills
  • Be among a strong and respectful group that you can use as a resource and support network
  • Improve and build on favorite camp activities so that you may teach these skills to campers
  • Transition from camper to staff in a supportive and empowering environment
  • Understand the unique rules and traditions of camp and why they are important
  • Leave camp equipped with workplace skills that translate directly to many professional settings.

What does CIT stand for?
Counselor in Training

What do you get in return?

  • Develop specific skill sets for working with kids and co-workers that translate to many workplaces beyond camp.
  • Gain experience planning and leading activities, working with others across differences, and stepping into mentorship roles.
  • Take on age-appropriate challenges that build your skills, confidence and capacity for working with people of all ages.
  • Spend five weeks thinking critically about what leadership means on an individual level as well as within groups.
  • Become certified in Lifeguarding/CPR/First Aid/AED.
  • Hours can be applied for your school community service hours
  • Develop professional, leadership, and critical thinking skills with mentorship from the Camp Hochelaga CIT Counselor in a physically and socially emotionally safe environment of self-empowerment and fun!

Check out this article highlighted just a few of the many benefits of being a camp counselor and leader: The Camp Counselor Vs. The Intern (New York Times)

Are you ready to be a CIT?

  • Must be at least 16 years old or have completed the tenth grade.
  • 15-year-olds can apply but may not be eligible as an Assistant Counselor candidate for the summer of 2017.
  • Feel excited about working with kids of all ages, collaborating with others to accomplish projects and take on challenges, ready to think about, talk about, and act on what it means to be a great leader!

When and how much?

  • NEW! This is now a 5-week program July 16th - August 19th 2017
  • CITs must participate in all days of the CIT session including the changeover weekends

The cost is includes all training, supervision, mentorship, room and board.
A $1650 (reduced from 2016) B $1750 C $1850 (last year’s rate for 3 weeks)
New Tiered Pricing – Giving parents an option to pay what they can, providing opportunity for improvement and growth at camp

Leaders on the Lake

Leaders on the Lake

Register for Leaders on the Lake Online Now!

Leaders on the Lake is for girls ages 10-17 who want to explore science, ecology and the environment while expanding their leadership skills!
In 2015, with support from the JM Kaplan Foundation, Leaders on the Lake: Getting Down and Dirty with the Environment constructed raised garden beds at YWCA Camp Hochelaga. This led to gardening classes and great fresh food for our meals.

In  2016 we continued the tradition of gardening! We spent a beautiful weekend building raised beds, filling them with soil and planting the vegetables , and creating the flower baskets for the camp. We also learned about cross planting. Did you know that planting basil in with your tomatoes will help keep the bugs away from them? We planted tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, zucchini, summer squash, bell peppers, green beans, wax beans, purple beans and kale. The kitchen will have plenty of veggies to feed the starving campers! The garden will be used in the activities to teach the importance of gardening for yourself and for your community.
Leaders on the Lake 2017 will focus on inspiring girls to feel empowered to pursue their interests and develop their STEAM skill sets and step into leadership roles with confidence through team building challenges as a group. We will be planting our garden, measuring the water quality on Lake Champlain, building bat houses, cooking our dinner over the campfire, and spending the night in cozy camp cabins!

Programming is being developed in partnership with YWCA VT's Environmental Leadership Initiative Interns. Our interns are budding leaders in their fields of study and are currently completing degrees in University of Vermont's Biology and Conservation Departments.  Their areas of expertise include water quality examination, soil composition studies, animal tracking, plant identification, and interactions between invasive and endangered species that are native to South Hero, Vermont.

2017 Program Dates – May 20th - 21st 

$25 registration fee - Scholarships are available! 

Drop off: Saturday May 20th at 9am at Camp Hochelaga

Pick-up: Sunday May 21st at 12pm at Camp Hochelaga

Camp Hochelaga will provide Lunch, Dinner, and snack on Saturday, as well as Breakfast and snacks on Sunday.

Bring your sleeping bag, some warm clothes you can get dirty in, and your enthusiasm for camp and the many facets of our beautiful environment!

Follow the link at the top of the page to register for Leader on the Lake online today! If you are already registered for Camp Hochelaga this summer you can add Leaders on the Lake to your existing online account by logging in and choosing Leaders on the Lake as a session option.

For a hard copy of the Leaders on the Lake registration form email us at or call (802) 862-7520

Invite your friends! All girls ages 10-17 are welcome to attend Leaders on the Lake even if they are not registering for Camp Hochelaga this summer. 

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To apply for a scholarship please download the form and the letter attachment below and follow the instructions.
Scholarship Letter and Application 2017
Applications are due February 9, 2017.

Connect with us if you have any quesitons!

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About Camp Hochelaga

"Hochelaga is special because each time I come I meet new people, learn new things, and by the time I'm home, I'm campsick. Everything is exciting because Hochelaga has helped me become open to more new things. My cabin is my home, my bunk is my bedroom, and Hochelaga is my family! Everyone is kind and caring and the songs warm my heart" - Upper Mid 'Laga Camper 2017

Safety is Always Our Priority

Keeping your child safe and healthy always comes first.

At Camp Hochelaga we know that the physical, social, and emotional safety of our campers is essential to their ability to have a blast at camp and develop new skills at the same time! Our staff are recruited and hired based on their commitment to working with youth in safe, engaging, and positive ways. Additionally, we hire Program Directors who are experts in their fields of programming and abilities to lead others in safe and inspiring ways.

Prior to the start of each season our staff engage in intensive and thorough staff training to prepare them to keep campers safe and healthy at all times. Staff are trained in First Aid & CPR, and our lifeguards are certified through the American Red Cross. Specialized activity leaders including the Waterfront Director and Archery Director participate in additional training and certification.

What do you get when you put all of this training, preparation, certification, and commitment to creating safe spaces for girls to grow and learn in together? Amazing summer camp experiences and friendships that last a lifetime.

Click Here for Answers to Frequently Asked Questions 

A Day in the Life of a 'Laga Camper 

Each day at camp begins with an all camp meeting at the flagpole for songs, followed by a delicious and nutritious breakfast in the dining hall. Throughout their mornings ‘Laga girls build on specific skill sets from previous days such as sailing, an art project, or a play performance. They can also try something new and spontaneous! Everyone meets again for an energizing lunch served with plenty of water to drink, and then afternoon adventures begin. These might include a soccer game, waterfront games and swimming, or a hike into our wooded areas for some team-building activities with the cabin group. Day campers head for home around 5pm as residential campers head in for dinner. Evening activities such as capture the flag or find the counselor help everyone to get their last ounces of energy out before winding down for bed with cabin mates.

Camp Hochelaga Daily Schedule 

2-4:00pm - Residential Camper Check In
4:15pm - Line Activity
6:00pm - Flag/Dinner
7-9:00pm - Evening Program/Block Sign up
9:15pm - Taps (counselors gather to sing old camp songs while campers get sleepy)
9:30pm - Lights Out
7:15am - Reveille/Wake Up Call
7:45am - Kitchen Prep Duty/Flag
8:00am - Breakfast - All
8-8:30am - Day Camp Arrival/Check In & Block Sign up
9:00am - Block 1 - Program
10:10am - 1st Exploratory (Waterfront Orientation/Safety Drill/Photo's - Monday)
10:50am - Block 2 - Program
12:15pm - Lunch
1:15pm - Laga Leisure Hour/Store (DC Swim Test/Archery Orientation - DC Free Swim)
2:15pm - Block 3 - Program
3:25pm - 2nd Exploratory (Scavenger Hunt on Monday)
4:05pm - Laga Line Time Activity (DC) - Free Swim -Upper/Lower/Senior
4:45pm - Busses/Vans Leaves - Cabin Time
5:00pm - Day Camp Pick Up
5:30pm - Dinner
7-9:00pm - Evening Program/Exploratory Sign-up
9:15pm - Taps (counselors gather to sing old camp songs while campers get sleepy)
9:30pm - Lights Out
7:30am - Reveille/Wake Up Call
7:55am - Flag Raising
8:00am - Breakfast
8:30-9:00am - Line Time Clean and Pack Up
9:00am - Cross Over Weekend Group Departs (Bag Lunch)
9-11am - Residential Campers Check Out

Camp Hochelaga Activities

Each day at Camp Hochelaga is filled with opportunities to try new things, step beyond our comfort zones in socially, emotionally, and physically safe environments, and work to build progressive skills in areas of interest. Below is a list of some of the many activities we offer throughout a camp session. These activities are available to both residential and day campers. Campers will be able to choose which activities they are interested in when they get to camp!

Arts & Crafts Performing Arts Orienteering
Kayaking Human Foosball Soccer
Canoeing Capture the Flag Team-Building
Sailing Water Trampoline Find the Counselor
Swimming Basketball Dance
Paddle boarding Archery Board Games
Cabin Chats Geocaching Singing
Photography Kitchen Creations Karaoke
Gardening Nature Explorations Talent Show
Pottery Sketching Copper enameling
Bracelet Making Tie-dying Outdoor Cooking
Land Sports Creative Writing Newsletter
Tennis Group Games Paint Tag


Camp Sessions Offered at Camp Hochelaga

RESIDENTIAL CAMP: Camp Hochelaga welcomes residential campers for one and two week sessions throughout the summer! Campers live in small, connected cabin groups, eat delicious healthy meals, and bond in ways that create lifelong friendships!

DAY CAMP: More than childcare, day campers at Camp   Hochelaga join us from 8am-5pm Monday-Friday to engage in all the activities available to residential campers.

MINI CAMP: A great way to ease into a residential camp experience! Come spend 3 nights getting to know our amazing community of girls and staff at Camp Hochelaga.

COUNSELORS IN TRAINING: Camp Hochelaga welcomes our next camp leaders for a 5 week counselors in training program that focuses on developing leadership skills and growing self-confidence in ways that stretch far beyond a summer at camp!

Residential Camp

2017 Rates and Dates
Fees: NEW Tiered Pricing (similar to Camp Abnaki). This is a voluntary 3-tier pricing helping to offset the operating cost of camp and will not influence the experience the campers receive. This provided families the opportunity to support camp and the “circle of girls” scholarship program.

PRICE A – Same rate as 2016 does not reflect the true operating cost of camp
PRICE B – More accurately represents operating costs, including depreciation and wear & tear
PRICE C – Allows us the opportunity to expand programming and ensure Camp Hochelaga’ s continued success

1 Week Session

A: $725 B: $775 C: $825
RC 1 – June 25 – July 1
RC 2 – July 2 – July 8
RC 3 – July 9 – July 15
RC 5 – July 30 – August 5

5 Week Leadership (CIT)

A: $1650 B: $1750 C: $1850 (Reduced price and added two weeks)
Counselor-in-Training – By application only

July 16 – August 19

Day Camp 

1 Week Session

A: $280 B: $305 C: $355
DC 1 – June 26 – June 31
DC 2 – July 3 – July 7
DC 3 – July 10 – July 45
DC 4 – July 17 – July 21
DC 5 – July 24- July 28
DC 6 – July 31 – August 4
DC 7 – August 7 – August 11
DC 8 – August 14 – August 18

2 Week Session

A: $1300 B: $1350 C: $1400
RC 4 –July 16 – July 29
RC 6 –August 6 – August 19

Mini Camp

Three nights Sun – Wed

A: $375 B: $400 C: $425
MC 1– Sunday June 25 – Wednesday June 28
MC 2 – Sunday July 2- Wednesday July 5

Transportation – no extra fee – space limited
Bus – Essex High School
Bus – Chimney Corners, Milton
Van – Holiday Inn, Williston Road, So. Burlington

Other Fees
Airport/Bus/Train pick up $45 each way
*Change over activity fee $70.00
*For those campers who are staying multiple weeks, there will be activities available for an additional fee of $70.00. These activities will be fun, away from camp and be an all-day activity. If you chose not to have your camper participate you will have pick up during check out time on Saturday and come back on Sunday during check in.

A Letter From Our Camp Director 

Since 1919 YWCA VT Camp Hochelaga has been offering traditional camp programs for girls in art, sports, swimming, boating, and nature activities. Girls ages 6-17 are encouraged to have fun, express themselves, and create friendships that will last a lifetime.

YWCA VT Camp Hochelaga supports camper growth by providing a variety of experiences including Mini Camp, Day Camp, Residential Camp, and Counselor in Training programs for ’Laga girls ready to step into leadership roles and join our staff. We can’t wait for your camper to be part of the ’Laga community on beautiful Lake Champlain.


Donna Diaz, Camp Director